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Biography Cannibal Cooking Club:

We met at a birthday party and discussed about music. We nearly had the same idea of music and itīs need for more experiments. So we started our first recording session for sounds in "errorīs" kitchen and let the kitchen tools go on...
This was the basic for further productions, influenced by the brighton sound, old computer games, industrial sounds and mad electro stuff.
In the beginning of 2002 we meet Cora S. , the label mother of possible music records and mental industries to show her one of our recorded live set. ...she wanted more!
So we got on with studio sessions and finished some tracks for possible music rec. and for further releases.
Nearly at the same time we got in contact with Michael Forshaw and he also asked for sets and tracks... no problem!


- born in 1974
- as "hydro" dj since 1992
- influenced by 80ies electronic music and ebm / industrial / electro music
- first experiments with selfmade synths in the end of the 80ies


- born in 1980
- as "error" dj since 2000
- influenced by damaged instruments, musique concrete, the sound of old home computers and the new crackling miami sound

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